2023-24 Registration

2023-24 registration is through CurlingIO, the same system we used last year. Visit our How to Register page for the link and instructions. You can find out more information about our club leagues on our Evening Club Leagues page, our associate leagues on our Associate League page and more about adult and youth programs on our Programs page.

Registration Priority

  1. Teams with Shareholders will have first priority until August 11, 2023
  2. Returning teams (to the same night) with no shareholders will have second priority until August 11, 2023.
  3. Returning teams (switching nights) with no shareholders will have third priority until August 11, 2023.
  4. From August 12 to September 6, all entries are on a first come first served basis.

A team registration is not complete until the full payment of 4 players is received.

Registration closes on the earlier of September 6 or when the league is full.

Cancelation Guidelines

Member Cancelation: If a member chooses to cancel their membership, the following fee refund guidelines will apply:

  • Members that cancel prior to September 6 will receive a full refund.
  • Members that cancel between September 7 and September 17 will forfeit 10% of their fees.
  • Members that cancel from the September 18 to October 15 will forfeit 50% of their fees.
  • No refunds will be issued for players who cancel memberships after October 15.

 Season Cancelation: In the event the Club is forced to close, preventing a complete a season, the following fee refund guidelines will, in conjunction with the closure(s) circumstances, be used to determine refund amounts:

 # of Weeks Played           Approximate refund amount 

  • Zero                                     90%
  • 1-4                                       75%
  • 5-8                                       50%
  • 9-12                                     25%
  • 13+                                      0%

Rover Fees will be refunded based on the schedule listed above using the Thursday Open League as a guideline.

  • Looking for a team or a player for your team? We will try to connect you!
  • Lockers:  Can be requested through the CurlingIO registration system
  • Shareholder application is belowNOTE: shareholder dues discount is applied immediately upon receiving the shareholder application.


Parking for the 2023 Curling Off-Season is now available.  Please email or call the CCC at 403-283-8381.




  • Shareholder Application 
  • NOTE: deadline for fall 2022 shareholder registration benefits is MAY 31, 2022 — however all new applicants at any date prior to registration DO receive shareholder discount 

What is a shareholder? A shareholder is someone who has paid a fee ($400) to own a share in the Calgary Curling Club.

Shareholders benefits include:

  • discounted dues
  • to book practice ice 7 days in advance vs 3 days for non-shareholders
  • voting rights in the club through access to the Board of Directors and general meetings where the finances of the club are discussed
  • priority registration in the years following the share purchase (this benefit is only valid when a share is purchased by the fiscal year end – May 31 – of the year before. So for example a share purchased in August 2022 is only valid for registration for the 2023-2024 season).

The priority registration rules are as follows:

  1. Teams with shareholders
  2. Teams returning to play the same league night
  3. Teams wanting to switch league nights
  4. New teams, by order of registration (so new teams that register in July have priority over new teams that register in August).





CCC is only able to provide our world-class services to the curling community thanks to the generosity of our Supporters. Please try to support them in return.

There are many ways for businesses, grant providers, and individuals to support our club. Click here for opportunities.




Our Mission

To provide a world-class facility and resources to promote participation and excellence in curling in Calgary.

Our Hours

Monday 9:30am - 9:00pm

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Saturday 8:00am - 5:30pm

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