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Associate Leagues 2023-24

If you are ready to join a league, CCC has league play every day throughout the season from 8:30 in the morning through to 11 at night. In addition to the 7 leagues that are coordinated by the CCC office, there are an additional 20 associate leagues that play at other draw times throughout the week at the CCC. Check below for a league that might fit for you! Contact an individual league for more details on their registration. 

Click below for Associate League contact information.  Please also contact the CCC office via email or call us at 403-283-8381 for more information on our Associate Leagues.

Bowmont Golf and Curling Club Sunday - 10:00 am

Mixed recreational league formed over 30 years ago with a focus on “social” as opposed to competition.
Openings: LOOKING FOR 6 LEADS — and always looking for a few new members in any position with a need to fill our spare list as well.
Mix of Players: Median age is 40+, very mixed league with couples, parents, kids and singles.
Format: Names drawn two weeks prior to the start of the 18 game season.

Please email Tim Carry or Dirk Reid to register or for any questions.

Kramer Curling League Sunday - 12:15 pm

The Kamer League is a mixed-adults league that is focused on having fun and being social (with some friendly competition thrown in). 

Our teams are formed by a draft at the beginning of every season so new teams are created every year. 

2023 – 2024 Openings: We are currently looking to add individual players of all skill levels. ROOKIES WELCOME.

For more information about joining the Kramer League, please contact Steve McDermott –

Rookies Plus Curling League - Sunday 2:30 pm

Rookies Plus is a Non-Competitive mixed league that was formed in 1983 as a beginners league to improve curling skills in a fun environment.  Although we maintain this philosophy, our league has expanded through the years to include all curling levels.  Also there has been known to be some competitive spirit that comes alive all in good fun.
If you are 18 plus and are looking for a fun league for the winter, whether you are new to curling or an experienced player we welcome you to join.
Teams are a mix of all ages, experience levels and gender. If you are curlers that come as a pair or as a team and wish to curl together every effort will be made to honor those requests.
Teams are scheduled to play all teams at least once throughout the curling season and yes we do have playoffs.
Social time follows each game at the club, and there are numerous other social activities that take place throughout the year.

We are a not-for-profit league so our fee structure is based  on just covering our ice fees.  So we rely on our league members to participate in our modest fund raising activities throughout the season of which fun is always guaranteed.  We work closely with the Calgary Curling Club to ensure the safety of the Calgary Curling Club community which if you join us you will be a part of.

Should you have any questions regarding our registration or safety policies, please contact Kathy Ervin directly at or 403-605-3650.

Click here to download the Rookies Plus Registration form.

Transit League (583 Curling Club) - Sunday 5:00 pm

Non-competitive, open, recreational league formed over 50 years ago with novice to experienced players.  Please email us if you are interested.
Mix of Players: We encourage mixed teams but this is an open league.
Format: We have an A and a B side. A is for the experienced teams and B is reserved for the more novice teams.  The draw is set up in a round-robin format with trophies awarded at the end of the season.  We play on Sunday evenings, but not on long weekends or Football or Superbowl Sunday!  It is late enough in the day to not interfere with your weekend plans, but earlier enough to still get up for work on Monday!  And it is a great group of fun-loving people.

NISEI Curling League (Calgary) - Sunday 7:30 pm
Our league has been running in Calgary for over 60 years and has been an associate league at the Calgary Curling Club for over 35 years. It was originally a league for Japanese-Canadians and their families and is now a recreational open league that forms new teams for its members every season.
Our league is generally full every year but need spares on occasion.

Please contact us if you are interested in sparing.

Calgary Ladies Curling Club - Monday 10am or 1 pm, and Wednesday 1:15 pm

Welcome to the Calgary Ladies Curling Club -1919 to 2023

The 2023-24 season will mark our 104th year of operations. We invite you to join our Club for an outstanding season of curling, social events and good times! This Club offers an “A” and “B” division of play. Teams are placed in divisions, to maintain parity and are partially based on final standings from the previous season. We promote fellowship, sportsmanship, good times and participation in other curling events.

The CLCC plays on Monday afternoons at 1pm with an occasional morning game at 10:30am and/or Wednesday afternoons at 1pm. Openings are limited and if you are unable to commit to full time curling you may wish to register as a Tier 1 Spare. Our teams are comprised of women of all ages with varying skills and experience.

More details are available on our website 


Calgary District Dental Society (CDDS) Curling League - Monday 4:30 pm

Over 25 years at the CCC! This is a “fun” league with all levels of curling skills to promote professional fellowship and camaraderie.

Openings: We are open to new members with a similar playing philosophy. We currently have 14 – 15 teams (variable) and are working on forming a 16th team. We do not know our exact number of teams until a week before the starting date.

Mix of Players: Dentists, staff, family and friends.

14 regular season dates (excluding stat. holidays) starting the 1st Monday in October and wrapping up in mid March.
6 play-off dates, with 2 banquets: Christmas and final date.

JUSREC Curling League - Tuesday 4:30 pm

Looking for teams or individuals.
All ages and skill level welcome.
Open team format.
15 game round robin plus 5 games of playoff.
Banquet on the last night.
For info contact: Ken DeLair at or text at 403-608-4828.

Silver Fox Curling League - Wednesday 10:30 am

Silver Fox Curling League – Wednesday 10:30 am

Friendly rivalry and competition for men.

Openings: Teams, individuals and spares welcome.

Format: Two divisions with two teams moving up and two teams moving down after each round.


Oil Service League - Wednesday 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Very social league started in 1981 to attract clients in the Oil and Gas sector.

Openings: Always full as not many teams drop out and we have have a list of players that come out to spare. Each team has two spares at all times.

Mix of Players: Service Companies sponsoring teams consisting of Oil Company clients.

Format: All 16 teams play each other once per season.

DPW Curling League - Saturday 8:00 am

46 years at the Calgary Curling Club (started in 1978), this is a recreational league with a mix from beginner teams to some very good teams.

Contact name – Shelley Griffin-Hein

Contact email –

Contact phone – 403-464-1995

Openings: Teams or players, any size or gender.


  • Round robin play
  • Playoffs at the end of the season
Calgary Men's Teachers Curling Association (CMTCA) - Saturday 10:30 am

50 years + at the CCC, this league is for current, retired, and friends of teachers


o   Fun, competitive and social atmosphere.

o   Range of abilities, skill levels, and ages

o   Play from October-March, 16 teams, 15 game round-robin followed by groupings depending on standings and 2 playoff dates

o   Mid-Season celebration and year end Wind Up

o   Teams are generally made up of 4-6 player teams

o   **League Currently Full, Spares Welcome**

o   If you like to know more, contact

Small Five - Saturday 4:45 pm

For 30+ years Small Five has provided an opportunity for adults to meet new friends and hone curling skills in a fun, competitive and social atmosphere.

  • Our curling group draws curlers who want to join as singles or couples and with a variety of skill levels. We build new teams for each season, giving you the opportunity to play and meet new people in the club. We place couples on separate teams for friendly competition and team logistics for spares.
  • We hit the ice for 4:45 pm on Saturdays which gives you the most of day and the evening to make other plans. Or join us after the last end in the lounge to mingle!
  • This league has a few social events sprinkled throughout the season to add to the fun.

Mix of Players: Mixed adult male and female.


  • Players choose preferred position(s).
  • Teams are chosen randomly with no requests for specific teammates permitted.
  • Couples do not play on the same team.

Wanted:  New Players. New curlers! This is a great opportunity to be a spare for $55 for the season and there is a VERY good chance you could curl every week!

The Small5 Curling Club has approximately 40 full time players and 10-15 spares. We are always looking for spares, and also have a limited number of full-time spots open.  If you are a new or experienced player looking to join a club, please email for additional information.

Calgary Couples - Saturday 7:00 pm

We are an affordable and open league curling out of the CCC every other Saturday at 7:15pm.

We are always looking for individuals, couples, or full teams to join us! We welcome any level teams and players!

Click here to go to our website and find out about the league, contact us, or register for the upcoming season.

Looking forward to meeting you on ice!

NorCal Tuesday League - Tuesday 8:55 am

Contact name – Colin Outtrim

Contact email –

Contact phone – 403-861-8374

NorCal Thursday League - Thursday 8:55 am

Contact name – Colin Outtrim

Contact email –

Contact phone – 403-861-8374

Senior Men Tuesday League - Tuesday 11:15 am

Contact Name – Dale Harrington

Contact Email –

Senior Men Thursday League - Thursday 11:15 am

Contact Name – Dale Harrington

Contact Email –


Contact name – Derek Boeckx

Contact email –





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