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Curlers Corner

We are a family owned Canadian Business and have been in operation for over 20 years. With thanks to our customers, we have been able to promote and support the sport of Curling.

Curlers Corner

Calgary Curling Club Managers Association

Mission Statement: To promote the sport of curling and its participation within our member clubs and throughout the community. We will do this by sharing experiences and cooperating with common activities. As the sport of curling grows, so do our member clubs.

Calgary Curling Club Managers Association Website

Southern Alberta Curling Association

Curling in Southern Alberta, from the grassroots to the highest level of competitive play, should be fun and vibrant. To encourage active participation for residents of all ages in our communities by helping member curling clubs offer a wide variety of programs. To assist in providing opportunities to participate in this great sport.

Southern Alberta Curling Association Website

Alberta Curling Federation

Mission Statement:

  • Promote, market and encourage growth in the sport of curling within the boundaries of the ACF.
  • Represent all curlers by governing in a spirit of fairness and equality.
  • Preserve the traditions of our sport while embracing positive change.

Alberta Curling Federation Website

Northern Alberta Curling Association

Mission Statement: The Northern Alberta Curling Association was established in 1918. It’s mission then and now is to develop and promote the sport of curling. The Northern Alberta Curling Association represents over 90 affiliated curling clubs in Northern Alberta and each member club has a voice in the NACA through their zone convenors.

The NACA operates through the dedication of two paid positions, thousands of hours of volunteer time and the goodwill of curlers.

Northern Alberta Curling Association Website

Canadian Curling Association

The mission of the Canadian Curling Association is to encourage and facilitate the growth and development of curling in cooperation with our network of affiliates.

CCA’s Vision: In the year 2010 and beyond, curling in Canada – from the grassroots to the highest levels of competitive play – will be strong and vibrant. Curling clubs and Associations in Canada will offer a wide variety of participation opportunities for all residents of their communities. Opportunities to participate will reflect the changing needs of the cultural mosaic and lifestyles of Canadians, and allow for a healthy cross section of recreational through competitive play. Furthermore, the management practices of clubs, member associations and the CCA will parallel those of successful businesses by always keeping the best interests of curlers in mind.

Canadian Curling Association Website

World Curling Federation

The World Curling Federation is the world governing body of the Olympic Winter Sport of Curling and the Paralympic Winter Sport of Wheelchair Curling. Originally founded in 1966 as the International Curling Federation, the ICF changed its name to the World Curling Federation in 1991.

Today, the WCF is managed by an Executive Board of seven, each from a different country and elected by WCF Member Associations. A permanent staff of thirteen employees is based out of the WCF Secretariat in Perth, Scotland.

World Curling Federation Website

Curling is generally acknowledged to be one of the fastest-growing international winter sports. The WCF currently has 49 Member Associations.

Autumn Gold Curling Classic
Calgary Youth Curling Association

CYCA is a volunteer society created to provide the infrastructure and means whereby Calgary and area youth are exposed to and are given the chance to learn and participate in the sport of curling.

The association is totally dedicated to youth curling. Besides attracting youth to the sport, the CYCA develops, organizes and implements youth curling activities and programs in the Calgary area.

To accomplish this requires a co-operative and supportive effort by several key and integral groups such as the various curling associations, the curling clubs, schools, volunteers, coaches, instructors and the CYCA working together with common objectives and approach.

Calgary Youth Curling Association Website

Calgary Ladies Curling League

The Club’s purpose has always remained the same: “to promote good fellowship and sportsmanship through the game of curling in and around the City of Calgary.” That is evidenced by the lifelong friendships formed and the camaraderie displayed all the time.

Women first curled, according to the records, in 1908, playing a four end game that caused quite a stir. Not surprising when you think about it: as the custom of the day was for women to be versed in etiquette, handiwork, raising their children, managing their home and entertaining. However, these were the women of the new West. In 1919 there was meeting in the basement of our City Hall, where the female curlers from different groups amalgamated and formed the Calgary Ladies Curling Club.

It is hard to imagine that this club is ninety-three years old on January 1st of 2013. This must be one of the oldest, continuously operating women’s curling clubs in the country. It is all due to the legacy handed down from those first organizers and the many Presidents and volunteers that have gone before, the current volunteers and those who are no longer with us.