Calgary Curling Club Rules

Club Square Draw

All games in the CCC square draws will be played under the Rules of Curling for “General Play” (non-officiated) as provided by Curling Canada (

The 4-Rock Free Guard Zone (FGZ) rule is in effect (refer to the CC rule book). Where the below stated house rules conflict with the CC rules, the house rules take precedence.

Games shall be played on the date specified unless prior arrangements have been made via the office. All postponed games must be made up prior to the completion of the current round robin square. You must advise the office as to the winner as soon as possible.

Prior to the start of the 7pm and 9:15pm CCC league draws, ice staff will attempt to “nip” the ice. This extra ice preparation will only be provided if the curlers stay off the ice until nipping is completed.

At the conclusion of a Round in the Square Draw, it is the skip’s responsibility to phone the office for the first game in the next Round.

 Club Schedules & Standings

These can be found posted on the north end of the ice and on the Club’s website at in the Member Section.


In the event the Club’s substitution rules are changed, this page will be updated and notice will be posted at the Club. If you have questions about the rules, please contact the office.

Where substitution for absent team members is necessary, a team may engage:

  1. up to 4 Rovers – a rover can ONLY play as a skip for a team, when that team’s regular skip and third are both absent
  2. up to 3 club “members” — defined as players registered on any other club square team. Note:  these members cannot play as skip;
  3. up to 2 “outsiders” — defined as non-Rover and non-member of other square draw teams. Outsiders must play as either lead or second, and may only play up to 3 times for a specific team and must register either as a Rover or 5th player prior to playing a 4th game for a specific team during any season. Skips of teams using outsider players are responsible for tracking games played by each outsider;
  4. any combination up to the limits listed above.

CCC Mixed League:

The substitution rules listed above will apply, along with the following:

  1. For mixed teams playing a game with only 3 players, alternating gender rules will be applied only to the last 2 players for the team. Back end must be comprised of one female and one male player.
  2. For mixed teams playing a game with 4 players, alternating gender rules will be in force for the entire line-up.

For gender-specific leagues such as Monday/Wednesday night Men’s Leagues, only same gender substitutions are allowed.

Teams which fail to comply with the substitution rules as listed could forfeit any game in which an improper roster was used.

 Any disputes regarding substitution will be adjudicated by the Club Manager along with several Club Directors as nominated by the President, and their decision will be final.

If a team is present and ready to play on the draw date, and the opponents fail to appear within 30 minutes after the scheduled starting time, the game will be forfeited to the team present.

If a team is present and ready to play on the date drawn, and the opponents appear more that 10 minutes after the scheduled starting time, one point shall be awarded for every 10 minutes that the opposition is late. For each point awarded, one end shall be considered played. The team awarded the points shall have ‘last rock’ in the first end played.

Rovers will be contacted by skips using the list provided on the website, in the roster book or by the Club office. The office will amend the master list by additions and deletions as they occur. Rovers who desire a game and have not been called may contact the Club office. If a skip calls in, a rover will be slotted in for that team at the time desired. Rovers are reminded that they can get in a game almost any draw by being at the Club prior to the scheduled draw time.

Shares and Fees

Shares in the Calgary Curling Club carrying playing rights can be transferred through the Board of Directors. Shareholders who wish to dispose of their shares are requested to make application to the Calgary Curling Club Share Committee in writing.

Any person or member may, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, be suspended for non-payment of dues or any other conduct not deemed by the Board to be in the best interest of the Club. The Board of Directors may, at their discretion, declare the playing share of any person or persons so suspended to be cancelled and the funds obtained from the sale of such shares may be used to pay any indebtedness of such person or persons to the Club, with the balance to be returned to the shareholder. Dues are to be paid at time of registration.

Buzzer Times

The buzzer will be sounded on the 7:00 p.m. draw at 8:40 p.m., and the 9:15 p.m. draw at 10:55 p.m. The teams will then complete the end that is being played plus one more end. An end is considered to have commenced when the first rock of that end has crossed the nearer tee line.

CCC leagues will play to the buzzer with a maximum of eight ends. All leagues will be buzzed.

A prize will be given to the team with the highest number of points in each section upon completion of every go round in Club play.

Practice Ice

Various times during the curling season are available for practice ice. All practice ice must be booked through the Club office. Shareholders will be allowed to book practice ice 7 days in advance, and non-shareholders 3 days in advance. At the discretion of management a charge may be levied for no-shows. A schedule of available times is provided on the club website and updated as often as possible, but bookings may be in the book but not yet on the website. We will start booking practice ice at 9am.

There is a $10.00 per person per hour charge for all persons not classified as a Calgary Curling Club curler. Anyone playing in a CCC league, class or Associate League is considered a CCC curler. All practice must be completed at the buzzer time of the previous draw.

House Rules

The Club’s upstairs lounge is licensed by The Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission and its use and operation is governed by the relevant Provincial Statues and Regulations. We particularly remind members of the following rules:

  1. The lounge is open for members in good standing and their spouses. However, guests are welcome.
  2. The lounge is to be vacated one hour after the bar has been closed.
  3. No alcoholic beverages are to be kept in the locker room or consumed in the Club unless purchased at the bar and consumed in the licensed area.
  4. The Club is a non-smoking facility.
  5. Minors may accompany their parents in the lounge although they are not to be served alcoholic beverages. Members are requested to control the behaviour of their children while on Club premises.
  6. Members will be held responsible for the actions of their guests while on Club premises.

Brooms, curling shoes and equipment bags are not to be taken into the upstairs lounge. Guests should leave equipment in the coatroom immediately outside the lounge area. Fire regulations stipulate that all stairwell doors should be shut at all times. No smoking is allowed in the Club.


Members of the Club, including Shareholder members, may be subject to disciplinary measures for conduct that has been determined to be improper, unbecoming or likely to endanger the interest or reputation of the Club, or for willfully committing a breach of the constitution or regulations of the Club. The Board of Directors is charged with ultimate authority and responsibility for disciplinary matters. However, it does hereby delegate the following limited disciplinary powers:

  1. To the Club Manager, the power to suspend a member’s Club privileges for seven days or less.
  2. To the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors, the power to cause the Club to forward a letter of reprimand to the member.

The membership privileges of a Non-Shareholder curler may be suspended for a period of more than 90 days, or he or she may be expelled from membership by a resolution to that effect passed by a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the Directors in office at the date the resolution is passed.

The membership privileges of a Shareholder Member may be suspended for a period of no more than 90 days, or he or she may be expelled from membership by a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the Directors in office at the date the resolution is passed, provided however that no Shareholder Member shall be expelled from membership prior to being given an opportunity to address the Board of Directors at a meeting of the Board.